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Dear Cyber Rights Folks -

Craig Johnson wrote:

<Once again  the Internet community is being asked to "do something*
<-- and fast!!  Internet users and providers should flood the FCC with
< comments on this action.

There are four weeks between now and the April 8 deadline for filing
comments with the FCC on the "modem tax" issue.  I would like to
encourage the Cyber Rights Working Group to formulate comments to
submit to the FCC, and to do so in time for me to ask CPSR's Board
of Directors to sign on.

>>From the information I've seen on the cyber-rights discussion list,
it appears there are some fundamental economic justice issues at
stake in the "modem tax" issue, as well as technical issues about the
internet. It seems to be the sort of policy issue where CPSR can
bring its unique perspective on socially responsible use of
information technology.

I'd like to encourage members of the Cyber Rights Working Group to
develop a position statement on this issue.

Is anyone interested?


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(Note from moderator: I'm interested!  Please post ideas for
discussion to the list, and respond privately to Audrie or me if you
have questions or want to express interest without adding new opinions
or information.--Andy)

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