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[speaking of AOL and others]

> And now they are tracking every move by
> every member. Just think, every move I make, every word I type, every file I
> download, *EVERYTHING* I do is being monitored. First its the credit card

Exactly, 11 years late but 1984 is finally here with Big Brother making a star's
entrance and all too many lemmings following along approvingly, mouthing words
of approval of the "greatest country in the world"'s vaunted freedoms and
knowing nothing about what those freedoms entail or that they're being eroded
away right from under their very procine noses.

> companies, next its Federal officers watching to see if I say anything
> negative about the sad state of affairs in American Government. If I could, I

Scary, ain't it. I know the feeling. I'm an ex-pat living in the UK, hoping to
(and with an appilcation in for) permanent residency, but I keep bad mouthing
govt policies and officials where I see fit, knowing that it's more than likely,
but almost a certainty that everything I type is being watched. I fear that they
will deny me permanency, but that won't shut me up no matter how much I hate the
idea of ever having to return to the us.

> would leave this country. I may not be able to access the internet from

So do it. I did, with very little wherewithal and coming here to total unknown
as far as how or whether I would be able to earn my keep. I've managed
beautifully, especially this past year. All it takes is the determination.

> Siberia, but at least everything I do in the privacy of my own dacha couldn't
> be monitored. Shit even the KGB had to stop somewhere.

"-} Don't count on it. They work alongside the secret cops of every other
country these days. Cops is cops and big bro is bigger that even you and I might

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