Tx Comptroller to host “town hall” [cr-95/10/28]


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The Texas Comptroller is trying what may be a new level of online 
interactivity between government and citizens. I'd like to know what 
anyone thinks:

http://www.window.state.tx.us/imo/column.html> [Image]
> My agency is committed to opening up communications between
> government officials and the taxpayers they serve. We'll advance the
> concept of on-line government a step further by hosting the first of
> a series of electronic, interactive discussions on public policy
> issues. The topic of our first forum is near and dear to most
> citizens' hearts: tax reform.
> As you may know, Governor George Bush has recently committed to a
> restructuring of the Texas tax system. What do YOU think? How should
> we change the tax system, if at all? Does Texas rely too much on the
> property tax? If so, what revenue sources could or should replace
> it? Are current taxes fair to different types of businesses?
> From October 29 through November 5, our new on-line forum called
> "IMO" ("In My Opinion") will enable Texans to share their concerns
> and ideas about restructuring Texas' tax system directly with me and
> with each other. I look forward to hearing from you on these issues.
> [Image]
> Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
>                               [Image]
> Return to Window on State Government

This will be, I'm told, like a moderated newsgroup linked off the 
homepage. Mr. Sharp will also provide links (already up) to information 
aboout the current state budget and taxes.

 Does anyone here know of any other government agency to try this sort 
of online discussion?

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