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>Allan Bradley and I are on the same wavelength.  I do not agree, however,
>that "how we debate technological issues is irrelevant to the fact that
>technology will be with us," or words to that extent.  The discourse we
>enter has much to do with how we are permitted to consider option and, in
>fact, what options we are permitted to consider.  The clumsy methods we
>now have for debating these issues -- for example, the many newsgroups,
>like this one, to which we must tune to get oppositional points of view
>-- is testimony to the power of control over discourse.  The "reform
>legislation" in the Congress would have a much different look if it were
>in the common parlance and not limited to that which the powers in the
>legislature deem adequate.
>Bob Jacobson

We are in agreement on both counts.  I believe some of my cynical underwear
was showing in that a lot of fundamental and critical issues sometimes get
lost in the reflections of the *Looking Glass* (for lack of a better
metaphor) and core basic truths become clouded.  It takes some rare people
within communications industry and the government knowledgeable to the "big
picture"  to really know the power of what this is all about.
Unfortunately,  I haven't seen many from the communications commercial
sector and with a few exceptions from this forum (including yourself) and a
few in the academic world, I am not confident that the public has a grasp
of what is at stake - let alone our legislature.

It seems to me that  the attitude of certain key leaders in the
communications business market is to strive for that monopoly as being the
best of all worlds, when in practice it is the worst of all worlds.  It
presupposes market growth based on control, intimidation and domination
instead of empowerment, partnership and support and unfortunately there is
no public reference to determine the middle ground.

I do hope this gets discussed and debated - but more importantly, that it
will lead to some action.

Allan Bradley

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