Re: Fox-y Pedophiles [cr-95/9/28]


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Re all of the attention being paid recently to child pornography &
pedophelia and the supposed relationship of the Internet in promoting
it, I caught a promo announcement yesterday for an upcoming show on
the Fox TV network that folks might want to watch out for and respond

According to the promo, the episode of Fox's Thursday night "New York
Undercover" program is about a man who uses the Net to entice and
seduce teenage girls. My local TV listing gives this description of
it: "digital Lt. Cooper's young daughter disappears
with a pedophile".
The program airs at 8 p.m. eastern time. Looks like another round in
the mainstream media's attempt to smear the Net and destroy the
competition.  Hmm. I wonder if Marty Rimm helped write the episode.

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