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Hello everyone,

The final report of the Information Highway Advisory Council, the group
given the task of looking in to issues surrounding electronic
communications here in Canada, was released yesterday. The document was
released simultaneously live and on the net at 8:30 am, Wednesday September
27, 1995. If you're interested, you can find the document at the following

I you are interested in the process or other documents produced by this
group, look around a bit more, perhaps starting with simply:

I'm writing an article for a local paper and preparing some notes for a
grad seminar I'm taking, so perhaps (if they are the least bit coherent!) I
will post something to the list about their recommendations in a week or
so. It is a fascinating document, imbued with a deeply Canadian view of
technology and citizenship, one which Americans will find quaint on one
hand but somewhat sophisticated on the other. Maybe.

But Canada is one of the few countries in the world that is as (or more)
"wired" as (than) the US, so I think their efforts are significant to those
of us who are interested in such things.



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