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I'm completely surprised by Richard's message.  I am certainly not
ready to ask Craig to stop posting.  I did complain to him about a
single posting about the email issue; his first.  It didn't bother me
that he was critical; I agree with John Whiting there.  I just
detected a suggestion in Craig's mail (which he didn't mean to convey,
as I established with him later) that he was part of a group that got
to decide what was said and what wasn't said on the list.  I think the
list and the individuals have recovered from this just fine and I'm
not worried about the healthiness of our debates.

This is painful for me, because I've worked with both Richard and
Craig on several issues and I want both of them to keep participating
as fully as they do now.  But I think Richard is reading pathological
personality traits that don't exist into some sharp exchanges we've
all had.  And so I don't think it's at all fair, Richard, for you to
drop this bomb on the list.

Read on for a completely different point of view below...



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On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, Richard K. Moore wrote:

> Dear c-r,
>         This is an unusual posting, and was not an easy call to make, but I
> believe to allow the current situaton to continue would be a disservice to
> the list and to cyber rights efforts.

One of the finest posts I've ever read on such a delicate and personal
matter.  I was wondering how the mentioned postings were going to be dealt
with.  Masterully said and handled.  A lesson for any who wish to be
moderators themselves one day or who are now.  Thanks.  I hope Craig
responds appropriately as he must and should.  Perhaps a reading of Billy
Budd will help him.  "God Bless you Richard." if he hasn't read it recently.

Ted    8-)


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Subject: Re: * Do we have to put up with abuse? *

        I walked into the middle of this sort of, but since the comments
you printed below are rather innocuous, Richard, and Craig for better or
worse was merely taking umbrage at what someone was apparently preparing
to do in the name of the list he's a co-moderator of, I'm not sure they
were out of line. This is not a criticism of what were surely good
intentions on Marilyn's part -- perhaps misunderstood.

        There is, I understand, a free Net-based dispute resolution
service.  Perhaps this could go there?


Joe Shea
The American Reporter


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I'm very new to the list but I have been online for 15 years and on
the Net for two. I am also one of two "list elfs" for the unmoderated
Photshop list which involves asking subscribers to comply with the
posting guidelines for the list.

It has been my observation that nothing will destroy a discussion
group faster or more effectively than ill-tempered postings. A person
who has gotten so emotionally involved in an issue that he/she loses
sight of the importance of treating other people in a respectful way
should no longer be regarded as being capable of furthering the
interests of any cause. The worth of any contributions this person
might make is far outweighed by the divisive consequences of
ill-mannered behavior. Tolerating such a person in any position of
authority as co-leader/moderator, IMO, is simply insanity.

I'm a little mystified as to why Mr. Johnson was simply not privately
invited to temper his behavior or pursue his interests elsewhere.
Quite frankly, I'm not terribly interested in any personal disputes
the co-leaders might be having but I'm extremely interested in not
paying for the privilege of downloading anyone's temper tantrums,
including Mr. Johnson's.

Best wishes.

Peggy Enes <•••@••.•••>


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> John Whiting
> London
> P.S. Although this is a personal posting, you're welcome to put
> it on the list, with a preface stating unequivocally that I'm an
> unrecalcitrant shit-head.

The awesome civility of our shit-heads will be the salvation of us all (at
least until CDA prohibits us from referring to them).

Charles BEll

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