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I agree with your assesment....but after reading Vernor Vinge's
_A Fire Upon The Deep_, establishing an orbital, independent colony 
with networking/satellite capabilities, that could function similarly 
to the scenario described in Vinge's fictoin has been a favorite 
reverie of late...escapist perhaps, but also passive-agressive.  If 
a coalition of 'independent' individuals could contribute enough to 
design and launch such a facility (as on the order of Oceana), with 
the crew constantly expanding the facility....ahhh the fantasy of it 
all.  Where shall we be moving on to? Alpha Centauri?  (I'm speaking 
seriously now).  It is disappointing to see the passing of the 
Internet as we know it....what could ever possibly take it's place?

Mr. Moderator, please, this does sound fairly relevant...what SHALL 
we move on to?  Listmembers, comments please, if not to the list then 
email me privately.

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