cr> Andreeson: Phone co. equipment “rapidly becoming useless?”


Craig A. Johnson


****Netscape To Build Telephony Into Navigator 

Source: Newsbytes 

COOLUM, AUSTRALIA, 1996 MAR 13 (NB) via Individual Inc. -- Netscape
Communications within six months will build voice software for making
low-cost long distance calls via the Internet into its Navigator program,
the company's co-founder and vice president of technology, Marc Andreesen,
said at a technical forum in Australia.

Andreesen told The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that telephone companies
could no longer justify the way they charge for voice telephony, especially
over long distance.

"We're going to build the voice telephony stuff into our Navigator
(software). We can get it out to 25 or 30 million desktops in the
next six months. That's a big enough critical mass for it to take
off," he said, according to the newspaper. He predicted phone
companies would find much of their equipment "rapidly becoming