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On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Cyber Rights wrote:

> Criminals are the only ones who have to fear the lack of privacy. If the
> above actions were necessary to insure that I will never be murdered by some
> drug addicted maniac, to insure that my children will never be preyed upon by
> pornographers or sellers of drugs, or to insure that my banker is not
> stealing my hard earned money then so be it. All I want out of life is to be
> safe, and to be allowed to fail or prosper on my own.
        I feel sorry for you.   Your statements indicate you wish to just
be a happy, safe little rabbit, hiding in your warren, a prisoner of it.
You'd happily give up all your freedoms for security.   Well, go ahead.
Just leave the rest of us room to keep our freedoms, even if it means we
take a few risks that others with abuse them.   I'd rather be free than
guaranteed safe but a prisoner.  Only when you want to force the rest of
us into your ideal will you get any resistance from me.

 > >Glad to see
you've resonated with the attitude your kind,
> >benevolent government wants you to have.  You're a good slave, I mean
> >citizen.
> May I enquire as to why you are so openly hostile towards the "kind,
> Benevolent government" that has protected you, coddled you, and allowed you
> to live in a state of luxury that is enviable to the entire rest of the
> world? You wouldn't happen to be writing from a pisshole ranch in Montana
> surrounded by the "enemy agents" from the FBI are you?
        Just because I don't worship the mighty big brother and all he
provides doesn't mean I'm some extremist whacko.  Government flows from
the people by the consent of the governed.  I only object when it tries
to be an entity separate from the people trying to do "what is best" for
them, regardless of how the people feel about it.  Is it really such a
frightening thought to you to have your freedoms as outlined in the
Constitution (assuming you are US citizen, if not I understand, as you
would have been raised in an authority-worship environment and that
conditioning is hard to break)?

> Oh yeah, and since you've invoked my nationalistic pride, my spin on the
> whole "freemen" situation is this: Give them what they want, declare that
> little ranch in Montana a soverign nation. And then invade it and annex it
> into the state of Montana.
        Well, if they can prove the crimes, they should do the time.
They get no sympathy from me.

                                        Someday I hope you'll have the
                                        courage to live in the light,
even if there is a chance of danger.

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