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>My rhetorical lament on the passing of the Internet seems to have
>sparked off a serious discussion of alternatives.
>There are still poets among us. Even on the World Wide Web, it's
>possible to turn off the graphics.


Thank you. The whole piece was lovely and good to remember. Even as an
artist, with many of those graphics you speak of on my page, I appreciate
good words and get very depressed at the lack of them encountered so
frequently on the Net theses days.

I will keep looking for the alleys and by-ways and hope to come upon more
of your work.



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        I am very interested in Mr. Whiting's comments about writing and 
some of the great examples he has seen on Internet. I would like to 
comment on that and offer and idea or two about good writing and 
Cyber-rights advocacy. (a bit rushed right now).
        As Marilyn Davis wrote yesterday lamenting her writing modeleling...

 Yesterday I saw a great phrase from Marilyn Davis, software
engineer and developer of EVote, and she thought she was "being blinded
by her vision."
        This is profound and I understand it.


"When you do something, do it completely as would a bonfire. Spend
yourself to the very last ash." anon.,unk
        Marilyn: Keep up the bad work!

(And Andy, I am very happy that you are on the road back. Really nice.)


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