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Given the rate of growth on the Internet it seems inevitable that
traffic will outstrip bandwidth at some point.  Usage based charges
seem like the fairest method of paying for access.  Since TCP/IP is
used for most data transmission and packets transmitted via virtual
circuits are what should be metered not the amount of connect time.
The physical circuit is being used by others during the inter-packet
time on a virtual circuit and we should not have to pay for that.

Until recently bandwidth based charges were sufficient since the traffic
was mostly through private dedicated leased lines.  Lately, more traffic
is being pushed through switched phone lines and high bandwidth lines
are being subsumed by entities whose structure is becoming more like
a utility.  These changes will force changes in how access and traffic
are metered and priced.  We should stay focused on what is fair and
equitable for all concerned.

Having said all that, it seems natural that regional and state public
utility boards and commissions should become involved in setting how
usage is metered and priced.  We should focus on educating the local
representatives on those boards and commissions.


Cyber Rights wrote:
> I am going to respond to Marilyn with some personal comments, not
> speaking as moderator.
> Between Marilyn and Richard we have a really big challenge.  There are
> so many issues (technical, financial, political) caught up in the
> question of how to charge for Internet use that I cringe from even the
> attempt to list them here.  But with all of your help, I think we
> can--and should--discuss these issues.

(Rest of old message deleted.--Andy)

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