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>I just wanted to reply to Torres' comment about our survey.... the
>Pentagon has nothing to do with it... and the University of German
>Federal Forces is an insitution which trains officers but the
>professors are all civilians like myself.
>Sorry Mr. Torres, your suspicion is unjustified...
>urs e. gattiker
>Research Leader
>Privacy Research Project

Thanks for the response.  However, I used the Pentagon as an analogy, not
to suggest it had anything to do with your research.  It was a suggestion
that perhaps one might think twice about cooperating with ANY military
authority, anywhere, particularly when it comes to privacy issues.

The fact that civilians teach at the University of German Federal Armed
Forces does not change the military nature and intent of the university.
Civilians have been architects of some of our most ghastly war plans,
tools, weapons, etc. Try this - Los Alamos/atom bomb; destruction of
popularly elected governments in Guatemala, Chile, Grenada, Nicaragua;
Third Reich; Armenian holocaust; Tienanmen Square; Bosnia - the list could
go on forever.  Most of the planners of these gems were civilian, sir -
working with their various military forces.

You haven't convinced me that one should work with your project -though I'm
not sure you have any desire to.

M Torres
Oakland, CA

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