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Craig A. Johnson

I am going to say this one more time.  The Cyber Rights list *is not*
and cannot be a political vehicle for somebody's half-baked thoughts
on a subject she/he know little about.  I will make no other replies
to Ms. Davis, but if I find out a press release goes out in the name
of Cyber Rights that some members object to, have not consented to,
disapprove of, find absurd, or in any other way oppose, I guarantee
you that there will be hell to pay.  

Undemocratic and elitist expropriation of this list for personal,
parochial ends will not be tolerated.  In short, I will do what I can
to use one of Davis' own methods -- and have her kicked off the

There is such a thing as netiquette, and Ms. Davis badly needs to 
learn something about the medium on which she pontificates so 



Marilyn Davis wrote in a rather abstruse and unintelligible message:

> Craig wrote:
> > I not only have an objection to using this list for reaching a
> > "consensus";
> *What* is this objection?  You're pretty ignorable unless you give a
> reason.

The objection is that the principles you have listed are out of touch 
with economic, technological, and political realities and demonstrate 
a rather profound ignorance of what is happening with regard to 
Internet trends, industry and market developments, and the nature of 
the Internet itself.

I will not pursue this any further.  Sign up for com priv, peruse 
their archives and learn something so you can speak in an informed 

<totally irrelevant puff elided>

> > Go ahead and send out any press release you want, and feel free to
> > say you are a member of the Cyber Rights list, but please don't
> > pretend as if you have some kind of list *consensus* because you
> > do not.  So, please don't presume to think that you can send out
> > the release in the name of the Cyber Rights list.
> You have no right to block our action unless you give us a reason.

I'm not blocking you; other members of the list are, or do you bother 
to read the list?


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