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>Comment: none of this should come as any surprise--we see the trends
>in China, in Germany, and ultimately in our own Communications Decency
>Act, which gives other countries the message that regulation is all
>right.  The nations have all drunk our wine, therefore they are mad.

Believe it or not, we dont have any more antipornlaws than any other
country here and there hasnt been an only case, where any state
authority has ever ordered somebody to remove anything from any site.

Eff know better, but some people like my country the way they see it...
Its different.....:))  Heiko


Note from moderator:

When I referred to Germany, I wasn't claiming that they suppressed
pornography.  I was thinking of the famous recent case in which a
Bavarian court told CompuServe to block newsgroups that had messages
denying the Holocaust.



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Subject: cr> Singapore Internet restrictions

I suspect that two recent developments have set off the autocrats:

1. The rapid growth of the "civilian" Internet into something
worth worrying about; and

2. The technologies of control, which have been on the workbench
a long time. These screening methods don't spring up overnight.

They didn't have to drink our wine; our entrepeneurs have been
selling them the barrels for years.

John Whiting
Diatribal Press

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