cr> Malaysia Is Against Curbs On Internet Debate


Craig A. Johnson

Finally, a country that takes a healthy stand on the value of free 
communication!  Notice those words -- "social responsibility."  



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Malaysia Is Against Curbs On Internet Debate

   KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Censoring Internet access will not solve
   concerns over privacy and individual freedom in cyberspace,
   Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said.

   &quot;Censoring the Internet is not the solution. Simply closing
   our doors will not only hurt us but push us back in the race for
   growth and prosperity,&quot; he said in a speech at the launching
   of the Internet World '96 conference

   Countries concerned with such issues should instead utilize the
   Internet to reinforce social responsibility, he added. &quot;Let us
   not forget that an informed citizenry is also a responsible
   citizenry,&quot; Anwar said.

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