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Dear all,

This thread about consensus has been fascinating to me as I'm sure it has
been to many others.

It further solidifies my perception that this medium is not good for
direct decision-making, and consensus formation.  If this is true, it
bodes poorly for the direct democracy/electronic opinion
polling/electronic voting phenom.

Being an advocate of deliberative democratic theory within the sphere of
our current representative system, I think this inability to reach
consensus via the medium is a good thing.  It creates a boundary for our
thoughts about the prospects of electronic democracy.  We won't be so
easily inclined to assume we can totally re-wire the world.

And yet, this possible situation doesn't impact negatively on the ability
of the medium to be a positive force.  While it doesn't lend itself to
consensus formation it does lend itself to open deliberation of the

This deliberation of the issues is what we need.  Here and especially in
each of our local communities.

Best to all

G Scott Aikens

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