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Craig A. Johnson


DicedPupys wrote:

> to craig : 
> quit it NOW!  i have heard enough of your high-handed bitching about
> every fucking thing marilyn suggests.  i actually want to get
> somewhere on this list, and in our discussions thereof, but it
> appears that you instead feel that any idea that someone may have is
> a direct threat to you.  marilyn may have been completely off when
> she stated intent to expel someone, but this is not a threat, simply
> because it is not possible to do so without direct access to the
> mailing process.  what are you so FUCKING afraid of that you wish to
> expel someone for wanting to discuss opinions?  

Did you read what I said?  Try reading it again please.  Thank you.  

FYI, the only time I would threaten to take action is if someone 
issued a press release in the name of this list without agreement -- 
PERIOD.  That's what I said, that's what I meant, I stand by it.

> if you have such a
> large problem with conversing in an organized manner, and from the
> discussion then stating our thoughts to the entire nation, then you
> are not wanted.

For your information, I helped build this list long before you ever 
heard of it.  Even those who oppose me will tell you that.

You OTOH are a newbie, and maybe should read and learn before you run 
your mouth.
> if you have something to say which does not involve a haughty round
> of personal attacks, then you are welcome to say it. 

Excuse me, I'll say whatever I damn well please.


>  although i
> cannot remove you myself, i would ask that andy restrict mailings to
> letters which do not involve personal threats and bald attempts to
> halt our discussion, whomever the jackass may be.

Well, then he would probably have to put the damper on you, now 
wouldn't he?


>  unless you did not read my proposal, i fail to see what scares you
>  so.  i
> will clearly state that however many out of however many agreed that
> the fcc has no jurisdiction over private calls, no matter the size
> of the network, and so on.  those who disagree will not be
> masquaraded in a press release, nor will those who, such as you,
> post only facist attempts to suffocate that on which we agree.  and
> i AM going to get opinions out!

I don't know what proposal you're referring to.  There is nothing 
about your Net telephone propoosal that scares me.  In fact, there is 
nothing about the email pricing proposal that scares me, and that was 
the one that Marilyn and I thought you were working on.  

My point was democratic *process*, pure and simple.

FYI, I have published two articles on the Net telephone issue, one
which will appear in WIRED in June. The other appeared in The
American Reporter, and I will forward you a copy.

With my urging, our group led CPSR's entry into the ACLU v. Reno
case, Andy drafted with help from me and a couple others a position
paper on telecom adopted by the CPSR national board, I am currently
coordinating the effort here in Washington to file a comment with
the FCC on the ACTA petition, and possibly the "universal service"
proceeding.  I am also on the planning committee that is organizing
the CPSR national conference here in Washington this fall.

Just thought you might want to know.



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