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> I agree with your assesment....but after reading Vernor Vinge's
> _A Fire Upon The Deep_, establishing an orbital, independent colony
> with networking/satellite capabilities, that could function similarly
> to the scenario described in Vinge's fictoin has been a favorite
> reverie of late...escapist perhaps, but also passive-agressive.  If
> a coalition of 'independent' individuals could contribute enough to
> design and launch such a facility (as on the order of Oceana), with
> the crew constantly expanding the facility....ahhh the fantasy of it
> all.  Where shall we be moving on to? Alpha Centauri?  (I'm speaking
> seriously now).  It is disappointing to see the passing of the
> Internet as we know it....what could ever possibly take it's place?
> Mr. Moderator, please, this does sound fairly relevant...what SHALL
> we move on to?  Listmembers, comments please, if not to the list then
> email me privately.
> David
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        How about a packet radio network that uses the established
frequencies more efficiently?  Everyone with a shortwave hooked to a PC
becomes a node and can pass along or examine packets.  Admittedly it may
come to a point where the FCC hunts down the transmitters, but if there
are 1000000 of them all at relatively low power, thats a HUGE undertaking
on an international scale.  If they play that game, you could still
operate using focused beam transmitters and bounce packets off of
meteorite trails (one visible day or nite every 6-10 minutes or so and
they last for up to 10 seconds at a time).  A little slower, but not
traceable.   A few higher power focused beam transmitters could bounce
signals off of the moon if you could tolerate a 3 second delay.
        There's always the legitimate method of getting enough money
together as an international consortium and buying your own comm sat(s)
to screw the big wire companies totally.  I have a feeling that
uncensorable satcasts would soon meet with "technical difficulties" by
the first nation to put "debris" (i.e. antisat missile) in its way.
        I'd love to see radioboats floating off shore and supplying net
services to anyone within small transmitter/reciever range, though in
international waters it is amazing how fast it decays into might makes
right when a government gets irate.  "We didn't mean to bump into you
with our cruiser, we were just boarding for a safety inspection/ drug check".
Look at the airplanes shot down over international waters outside Cuba.
Sure they dumped propaganda inside the country, but thats when you splash
them.  I guess certain ideas are so dangerous to the elite that it is
worth the risk of violating international treaties to stop them.
        Last idea:  loft large, disposable balloons with cheap relay
transmitters that bob around at 100,000 feet (well above flight traffic
of all but space shuttles and SR-71's).  Space science guys do this often
and it is well understood.  They pop it, you float another.  Unmolested
they can stay up for months in the rarified air streams.  Don't use
metalized mylar and use the clear stuff, put as little metal up as
possible (transmitters and antennas can be pretty small and still
powerful).  Use solar cells to maintain batteries as long as possible.
This would cost so much to thwart that they would have to either end the
game and declare martial law (kicking off the technocratic/surveillance
police state early) or back off and allow free expression.  I'd bet on
the former, but hope for the latter.

"Those that give up essential liberty for a little
security, deserve neither liberty nor security."
                                - B.Franklin

"When ID's are mandatory, its time to leave the planet."
                                - Lazarus Long
                                  (a.k.a. R. Heinlein)

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