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> The idea that there might be an online non-governmental court which would
> banish people is, I would suggest, legally suspect.  Those who did the
> banishing would likely find themselves liable for harm caused to the
> banished.  Vigilantes are liable for the harm they cause regardless of
> whether they think they are right.

Yikes!  I hope we are misunderstanding each other.

I run a few tiny email lists where, aided by eVote, we plot the future
of eVote.  It's an experiment in discussion-driven direct *democracy*.
Almost all the others have been electronic *plebiscitism*.

Utterly essential to the success of this new medium (the one provided
by eVote), is the ability to enforce banishment.  In the non-virtual
world, disruptive people are kicked out of meetings - or there would
be no successful meetings.  It's the same in cyberspace.

At the same time, it's utterly essential on a less-material level that
everyone has some place in cyberspace where they can say whatever it
is that they have to say -- no matter how vile.  Almost all of us bear
a deep wound because we weren't listened to in childhood.  Here we
offer each other an infinite ear, healing a universal frustration and
opening the flow of ideas, compassion, patience, ...
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