Re: cr> Good Tidings I Bring


Andy Oram

I don't want to leave my condition shrouded in mystery.  I've got a
new modem and the cast is off my hand, so I'm starting to get into
mischief again.  I still cannot Web surf, and my hand still gets tired
after an hour or so of typing, so I don't feel ready yet to take over
from Richard.  But I'm making progress and I'm watching Cyber Rights
discussions carefully.

For those interested in medical details...

Some motions came back right away when my cast came off yesterday.
But some muscles seem completely atrophied.  Never fear--I'm getting
ongoing physical therapy, and everything is supposed to come back.

I also have a new cast on my leg, and am allowed to put 75 pounds of
weight on it.  How do I know when I'm putting on 75 pounds?  Well,
it's a matter of testing and training.  there's an art to it.  At any
rate, putting pressure on a bone (at the right time in the healing
process) makes it heal faster.  No one knows why.

I still might need more surgery (a bone graft on my tibia).  That's a
drag, but the doctor will decide in one or two months.  Meanwhile, I'm
happy in my new freedom and am working a fair amount from my home.

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