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Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Marilyn Davis)
Subject: eVote is not commercial

No Richard.  You misunderstand.  This is not an "advert".  I'm
volunteering to help in this way.  It's my honor and privilege to
provide this service, I'm not asking for renumeration of any kind.

Moreover, the eVote project is altruism through and through:

1.  eVote is free to start and $80 to continue.  That's almost
free when you realize that an online community shares one copy.

2.  When that money comes in, it will be spent for further development
according to priorities set democratically by the participants of the
•••@••.••• list.

3.  When eVote's users acquire some skill and bulk, I will slip out of
the picture and the whole thing will be owned cooperatively and
controlled democratically with no hierarchy at all.

In essense, our house is on fire and I'm saying, "Here's the hose!".
That does not deserve to be labeled an "advert".
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I knew that.

        "Advert" implied only that a cause was being promoted.

        But glad to give you a chance to tell us more, I didn't realize how
progressive your entrepreneurial process was.

Best of luck,