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Here fellas!! one of the internet's problems involves 
the use of overlapping titles/acronyms.  The snipped post below is about a 
new list where LII means "local information infrastructure". 
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> RE:   cr> FYI: LII mailing list
> Here's a list some of you may find useful...
> -rkm
> ---------------
>         Local Information Infrastructure (LII)
>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Description: Local Information Infrastructure (LII) is
> intended to encourage creative thinking to counter the
> Clinton/Gore Administration "hype" about National
> Information Infrastructure.

Unfortunately there also exists an LII list where LII means "LEGAL 
You subscribe to this list and you receive "hot" US Sup.Ct. reports as 
they are issued.
Someone please inform the "local info" list-owner. (MP)

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