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        In response to our friend Arun's query, I think there can be no 
doubt Congress was purchased lock, stock and barrel by telecom industry 
for the temporary purpose of passing the Telecom Dereg Act.  You need
only ask yourself, "Why did Congress suddenly become so interested in an 
area so arcane?"  Money is the only answer.  Money is also the only 
reason they ever passed the CDA -- whose?  Start with the Christian 
Coalition and go on from there.

        Thinking about this, I would like to invite any able writer on 
this list to do a piece for us, tentatively enititled:  
        "CDA and Telcom Dereg:  Where did the Money Come From, and Who Got
It? "  We'll run it as a Special Report, very prominently. 


Joe Shea
The American Reporter

On Tue, 23 Apr 1996, Cyber Rights wrote:

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> Arun Metha wrote:
> >Are you suggesting that large numbers of US Congressmen and President
> >Clinton were "bought", and that is why they voted for telecom
> >deregulation?
> >
> >Don't you think there might be a less sinister explanation? That they
> >thought deregulation would lead to greater competition which might be
> >better for the users on account of lower prices?
> Well, the political contributions are a matter of public record.  And
> prices are going up even as costs are going down.

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