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One of the central issues in networking is who will have access.
Will it be based on ability to pay, or will there an attempt to make
something like the Internet ubiquitous?  

The FCC began its massive job of implementing the universal service
comments in the 1996 Telecom Act by forming a board to examine the
issues, and by inviting comments.  Many of the issues pertain to
traditional telephone services and aren't particularly "cyber" in
their scope, but what they call "advanced information services" are
also being considered.

Four comments from public interest groups are now on our ftp site
under the Rights-Statements directory:

Universal-Service-CPT   Consumer Project on Technology (a group
                        founded by Ralph Nader)
Universal-Service-ALA   American Library Association

Universal-Service-CCN   Center for Civic Networking, an organization
                        that promotes community networks

Universal-Service-LINCT Learning and Information Networks for
                        Community Telecomputing Coalition

I will send these to you if you want them and don't have access to


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