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> prices are going up even as costs are going down.

Pardon my ignorance of prices in the US, but other than some rate
increases in the case of ISDN, which is really a niche, i have not come
across evidence of telecom prices going up in the US. If someone points me
to url's that *prove* otherwise (i.e. rates over time) I'd be grateful. 

I would like to suggest that telecom deregulation is too 
recent in the US for anyone to be able to infer that it is 
increasing prices. In the UK, where such deregulation took 
place a while ago, prices have definitely gone down.

My experience of industry is that by and large, they are quite comfortable
in a regulated environment, which protects them from competition and
guarantees profits. In this case, they must have seen the writing on the
wall -- the regulatory environment in the US was making the companies
globally uncompetitive, because anyone setting up a cable TV facility
these days would automatically want to include telephony, Internet access
and the like as optional extras, so as to generate more revenue. If US
companies have no experience of running such facilities in the US, but
their competitors do, they lose business.  

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