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Arun Mehta

> Arun Mehta wrote:
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> >My advocacy of satellite broadcasting of Usenet was not to suggest 
> >"private" Usenet, rather a means to make it more public. Those that
> >not have access to all of Usenet today, and most don't, should be a
> >get it cheap. Cable modems will soon become affordable. Of course 2
> >is better than 1-way, but 1-way is better than no-way.
> If it's all 1-way, what's the source of the content?  Sounds like
> tv, not usenet.
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Of course I'm not talking about _all 1-way_. Today, your local ISP can 
censor Usenet for a lot of people by simply not carrying certain 
newsgroups. Broadcasting Usenet routes around that. People who have to 
make long-distance calls (e.g. from rural areas) to  access the net are 
hardly going to download Usenet -- like receiving a haystack for the 
needle that might be in there. They could benefit from Usenet broadcasts 
too. For all these people, posting to Usenet was never the problem. And 
people who have good 2-way access will hardly get deprived of their 
ability to post to Usenet by this!

You may want to read my Byte commentary "Radio Free Usenet", where I talk 
about this in greater detail.

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