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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995
Sender: Mark McFadden <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Worley: Common sense and net censorship [cr-951229]

>* Drawing a line in the sand is not the way to win this battle.

I tend to agree with this point. While we seek to protect our wonderful
freedom on the Net, we must also work with, while educating those who are
unaware of what this great medium has to bring. Perhaps a willingness to
talk and discuss the issues with the "opponents" would be of great value.

>* Assuming that the opposition is evil, idiotic, deceived, or
>irrational will not work.
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Again, good point. Indeed, many  of those who seek to restrict freedoms view
their opponents as wicked, ignorant people.

>* Effective action requires long term planning to select tactically
>advantageous battlegrounds, mobilization of resources, and a clear
>understanding of the strategic situation.
>All of these seem to be largely lacking in the present discussion:
>Most arguments seem to be based on loud assertion of the righteousness
>of our cause, which isn't going to cut any mustard with the public.

In my view, true.

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>Who is going to turn this mess around?  Who is going to attempt to
>persuade the public to lighten up?

Can I say that if we, those of us in this discussion, don't then  the
rational resistance against assaults on our freedoms will not take place.
And if it does not take place, we only aid those who use emotional tactics
to distroy what many have long fought for.

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