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>Sorry, but it could get a whole lot worse.  In fact, in this place at this
>time,  a dramatically worse fate for us all is virtually inevitable under
>hyper-democracy.  Therefore, reasonable men and women have no choice but to
>oppose hyper-democracy with all their hearts and minds.  No choice,

Another subject we should look at regarding Electronic Democracy (Which I
assume is the "hyper democracy" mentioned above, but we all know the hazards
of assuming) is the effect electronic voting will have on the Judiciary
System. The Judiciary System is elected, in part, by "We the People". So we
E-lect them after the instution of eVote. WHat is the need for an accused
criminal to be held in some local jail for a year while his trial is being
addressed (Case in point OJ @ LA County Jail)?
Why not just have the "peace officers" which placed him in custody drop him
off in some cesspool penitentiary, and have the equivalent of Judge Dredd
pass sentance on him via video conferencing, and allow him an interface
simple enough for a guilty or not guilty plea. (Two buttons, one green for
guilty, one red for not guilty) Hell, whats the need for actual beat walking,
judiciary system to public interfacing, peace officers, (Cops, constables,
Bobbies, depending where you're reading this)? WHy not have some massive
network of in-home terminals monitoring what we say do and watch/read.

OOps, I seem to have created "Big Brother".

Think everything through.


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