Censorship issues [cr-95/11/07]


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Re: Organizations Needed to Sign Letter Against Online Indecency Legislation 

Of course that is what I meant.  I found the typo after I blew out the
alert to the entire world.

Of course, that's the beauty of the net.  You can embarass yourself in
front of millions of people, faster than ever possible in any other
medium available to the average person before.


Cyber Rights writes:
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>Subject: Re: (ALERT) Religious Right threatens to shutdown net; call now [cr-9
>>Implore them NOT(my emphasis) to allow parents to make choices for their
>I think you meant, Implore them to allow parents to make choices for their
>children, instead of government censors.
>Now we agree.
>clint(called dad by two children)


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Subject: Re: Organizations Needed to Sign Letter Against Online Inde

>if he [Clinton] vetoes the telecomm bill, it will have
>NOTHING to do with the censorship provisions.

Clinton always has a finger sensing the wind.  Though he may not
mention censorship as a reason for his veto (since online "indecency"
is a politically risky thing to "support"), if there's an additional
large group of folks demanding a veto it will make it that much
easier for him to reach that decision.

---Steve     (Steve Eppley    •••@••.•••)


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Subject: Internet Regulation?

I am a journalism student and have been assigned a story on government's
attempt to regulate indecency and porn on the internet -- with the
understanding that these issues are just the proverbial tips of the iceberg.
 I'm aware of the passage of Cox/Wyden in the House by an overwhelming
majority -- but also know that the battle is not over yet.  What does the
cyber rights campaign see happening with the issue?  What's the underlying
threat?  Why is the Clinton Adminstration so hostile to freedom of speech on
the internet and how do they expect to regulate an international medium?
  I'd like to interview someone on these issues -- by phone preferably, but
online would work too.   I do need names and titles to quote (or I lose a
letter grade).

I look forward to hearing from someonse.  Thanks a lot!

Susan Shaw

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