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> hi I know of an excellant book which I will use if my course proposal to
> the law schools in Boston is accepted. It is Thorne,Huber and Kellogg's
> BROADBAND LAW. I'm curoius to hear more about your course. please
> julia
thanks so much for your help.  I will check out that book.

about the course on cyberspace, I am basically sensitizing students to issues
related to the cyberspace.  I am taking the approaching of "Beware of the New
World (not brave te new world)."  I addresses these issues from a
communications-social science prespective.  It is a sophomore class, so I
cover many issues on the cyberspace such as security, privacy, universal
service, email ethic and ettiquette, CMC and effect on interpersona
communication and relationship, national soverignty, interactive advertising,
online publication and effects on incumbent media industry.

well, it is a pot-pourri of all issues that you can probably find in CPSR-global
or online-news groups.

about the course you proposed to law school, are you taking a more
regulatory approach?  I feel that models for regulating the internet are going
to be hot.  Do me another favor?  do you find any books on the Internet
Regulation? I am interested in knowing any regulatory models that are
  As far as I know, MIT's Cyberlaw and McGraw-Hill's Netlaw are two the best
books.  Have you heard any  other books? let me know.

thanks for your help..

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