R. Smith on “Christian Right” (viewpoint) [cr-951231]


Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995
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Subject: TeleBill Language and the humor inherent.

>  Early on Newt Gingrich claimed that it was
>unconstitutional and appeared to stand as the great defender of
>the First  Amendment.  Then came the big "cyberporn" scare and a
>big push from the Christian Right on "family values". Now there
>is very little contention in Congress over this provision.  Newt
>has become silent.   It is most likely a done deal.  (I'd love
>to see a recent GOPAC contribution list.)

Ho, Ho, Ho. Wow, I hope that the "Moral Majority" doesn't censor that phrase
as well. THose dirty hypocrites. From a group that supported such outstanding
folks as Jimmy "I Have Sinned Against You" Swaggert, Jerry "I saw a 900 foot
jesus in Tulsa Oklahoma" Falwell, and best of all Mr Jim "What taxes?" Baker,
comes this outstanding legislation. Frankly I am concerned with the
"religious right" 's concern over the internet, it's not as if they are smart
enough to boot up a mac, much less snoop in my non-encrypted e-mail (I don't
make it a habit of giving my SS# or Credit Card Numbers, or other sensitive
personal information out over the Internet). THey can of course hire
underlings to do that for them from "non profit, tax free" sources (ie. The
PTL Club). Oh well, I dont make it a practice of uploading or downloading
pornographic material anyway (So please dont make the assumtion that just
because I have an @AOL.COM address, all I am concerned with is where to find
"Hot" WWW sites;-) It is trully a shame that the United States' government
has stooped to persuing the almighty dollar, and then in turn, pointed their
fingers at us, calling us immoral child exploiters and what not. I can hear
it now, Aunt Velma from Selma, AL, sporting her P.H.D. (Thats Pentecostal
 Hair Doo for you godless heathens from New York) , spewing forth captions
from Revelations, calling Bill Gates the anti-christ (I happen to agree with
her there, but so would anyone who has tried to troubleshoot `95 without
taking a course). Shouting to the rafters, the congregation and any TV crew
that will listen that the users of the internet are going to burn in hell for
merely looking at a Van Gogh, a Michelangelo, a Dante' , or a Picasso. Next
thing you know, Southern Baptist Conference Ministers will be urging thier
flocks to burn any modem they can find (Don't worry, we can give them all our
old 2400 bps modems and say that they are the fastest modems in the world,
they won't know the difference if we clean all the dust off them).

In conclusion, let them have thier stinking telecom reform, we'll settle the
First Amendment questions in court. We will beat them at their own game. In
the words of that timeless hymn, We Shall Overcome. All good things are worth
fighting for. Continue to call, write, fax, and otherwise pester the members
of Congress.

Ever notice how God builds people up, then lets them fall like stones from
the tower of Babel?  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. And believe me,
those who consider themselves righteous because they oppose the expression of
intelligence everywhere are so full of pride they cannot help but fall.

I have nothing to fear but fear itself, and trust me I am not afraid of those
immoral morality policemen.

Robert Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio


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