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today the subject for my rant is regulation of pricing by our government.
 several people here have said that we must demand this and that in the way
of regulations on the price of email and other sevices.  the idea seems to be
that the isps must halt current changes, or make new ones, in order to
further establish the accessability and use of the net.
my opinion : one, it is not clear of whom we are to demand this.  it doesn't
matter, however.  we cannot request this of anyone, simply because this is
illegal.  no one should interfere with sound (and perhaps not-so-sound)
business decisions, or with the pressures that we, the consumers, bring to
bear.  if ridgid and quickly-outdated madates are put into place, then the
isps will not be able to deal with changes in operating costs, inflation, and
demands for better service in another area.  the capitalist system works as
well as it does because it responds in the correct way to consumer needs, and
because it is not mixed with socialism.  both systems work apart, but when
mixed, someone else will always get carried by the system.  if you want
cheaper email, then discuss this with your isp.  you may find the price is
neccessary to maintain email features, or to support other services.  the
same possibility holds true for other prices you may wish to change.

respond!  respond!  what do you think?  the idea is to respond!



btw, marilyn, it isn't a word.  try adding a space and a "p" and you get
"diced puppys".  i am not sick.

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