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i am not a dicedpuppy, i am dicedpupys, the pluralistic and mispelling
advocate for *cybeRIGHTS!!!* (egotistical trumpet blare, please).


i wasn't aware that congress jerked the fcc around (not to be sarcastic).

and i am not trying to write our pr by commitee, where did this come from?
 i'm asking that people write in with their comments.

yes, i read about the "exon box" too.  this is impossible to use, and
reflects a mind completely devoid of any understanding of how the net works.
 i would laugh if i didn't think this ignoramus was serious.

and could we please not go back to the discussion of how to substitute the
net with satellites, atleast until the net is truely dead.

that letter about germany is only another confirmation of what many already
think of germany : these people know less and legislate more about the net
than even our own crapy government does.  these morons tried to charge
comuserv with distributing porno, mainly because compuserv provides access to
such sights, along with the cyber-angels and christian science pages.
 because they provided access to the net, and because compuserv is the
largest access provider in the country, these misguided inquisitors *knew*
compuserv *was* the net, no matter what compuserv said before they were

and finally, the pr.  since no one has tried much so far (akhem!), i'll try
my way.  today i'll be posting one subject and my opinion on it.  anyone who
agrees, and those *completly* wrong people who don't (just kidding), should
write in to cr.  those who disagree should also say what position they take.

since it's the most recent, today it's von.  voice over the net means any
method of sending a digital version of what you say over the net, like a
telephone, except with more static.  the acta, the america's carriers
telecommunication association, has filed a petition with the fcc, the federal
communications commition, to regulate von.  their worry is that von will kill
them, since anyone can speak with beruit if they wish, and they will only be
charged at their isp's rate.

the diced view : the acta should go back to their infighting attack adds
about how one company is lying and how their company is run by angels.  1,
von is currently without any standards whatever, so connecting in this manner
with another company's software doesn't provide anything worth your time.  2,
von users, no matter what software they use, are still the vast *minority*
among net users, and we net heads are not every american.  3, even if every
american were to become von users (didn't i say this already?), and the von
makers standardized their products, the telcos couldn't die : how would the
isps communicate the von info to the beruit user unless they had calls going
out of the country somewhere along the net line?  net use has increased
lond-distance calls, therby making money for these people, and they want to
do what?  increased von use will necessitate increased long-distance use by
the isps, thereby making even more obscene amounts for these people, and they
want to do *what*?  the telco people must be made to realize that this will
be good for their business, so what are they doing?

well, that's what i think.




ps, sorry to marty about that "shut up" thing.  i supposed that you were
responding in part to me, but you can post that if you want.  i don't control
this list.  i'd rather *not* control it.

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