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Whats the story on the CNN report that the good Madam Reno has busted a
hacker through wiretaps? 


(Here's what I gleaned from today's Boston Globe newspaper: the
intruder was in Argentina, and broke into accounts at several
U.S. universities and military sites, although nothing "vital to
national security" was taken (how do they know?).  The intruder used a
sniffer program, which checks network traffic for user names and

(The government checked for key words used by the intruder--I don't
know what computer services he was using when employing these words,
but the story implies it was simply electronic mail--and record his
messages.  They employed great care not to read other people's work
because Harvard does not inform its users that they can be monitored.
(Good for them!)  Only two messages from other people were read.

(Marc Rotenberg of EPIC is quoted.  He said, "The Internet is not out
of bounds to law enforcement.  They have the right to chase down the
bad guys."  But, "Rotenburg fears that the government could use the
Ardita case to argue for technology that will allow investigatros to
read anybody's electronic mail."  Clipper, in other words.--Andy)

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