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> Many believe that bringing the NII to every person is an important
>    goal,

An answer may lie in converting the voting booths which populate the polling
places which we use now. Instead of a paper ballot with a small punch to make
holes in them, modernize them by making them electronic, much like an ATM.
Have a small LCD screen, with push buttons for the ballots and have them all
linked together via an on-site LAN, connected via modem to a central
computer. All of this is relativly easy to install with a tiny bit of
training. I mean how hard is it to connect an RS232 cable, and a modem into
an availible phone line? The small amount of information being exchanged
wouldn't even be enough to justify modem speeds faster than 9600 bps. A whole
polling place could be converted for around twenty five thousand dollars, and
that would most likely be a one time expence. Please take into consideration
that I have not addressed the terms of security. This is not a thing to be
taken lightly. We can all imagine what it would be like if a powerful entity
hacked into a system and corrupted the information. Scary stuff, however it
can be protected.

Again thanks for listening.
R. Smith
Cincinnati, Oh.

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