New articles on anti-hacker initiatives, Clipper again [cr-95/10/7]


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An incisive analysis, found by Craig Johnson, of the new key-escrow
policy being pushed by the federal government appears on our ftp site
in the Re-Legislation directory under the name Clipper-II.

Daniel Brandt argues, in an article for the leftist NY Transfer News
Collective, that a war against hackers is going to replace war against
Communism as an organizing force for the U.S. Defense Department and
intelligence agencies (as well as perhaps those of other countries).
He cites a lot of representatives of those agencies, as well as
articles in the business press.

You can read this article on our ftp site in the Essays directory
under the name Brandt-Infowar.  It is also available on the Web as:


If you like to use gopher, go to  Choose pub/, then
NameBase/, and finally Infowar and Disinformation: From the Pentagon
to the Net (which is near the bottom of the menu).


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