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> I want to know what all of you on this list think of my idea.  Is it

>appropriate for the image of the cyber-rights group?  Effective?

As a survivor of the '60s, I'm always in favor of a little civil
disobedience, Andy. It's good for the soul. I say go for it.

>The rulers of society always want to control what we think and what we
>They want us to forget urges that must remain unsatisfied in the current
>culture, and to turn our desires and anger to carefully chosen targets.
>as in 1915, we must fight this repression and strike a blow for the
freedom of
>the human spirit.

I have a suspicion that some folks will read more into this paragraph than
is probably intended. They may well take references to unsatisfied urges to
include pedophilia and child pornography in the literal, and not just
literary sense. Some might accuse you of declaring open season on kids.


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Overall, I like the approach.  Always, there are people who purposefully take
things out of context in order to further their own agendas, and this
highlights a problem of something beautiful and artistic being made ugly by
contextual warping performed by those with desire for control.  Who are these
entities?  I don't know all of them, and they can be different people at diff
different times, and some of them are innocent of deceit, and have the best
motives for censorship.

But trying to control usually has a bad end if taken too far.  Moderation in
all things is the best, but with censorship, the less, there is, the better it
is for all of us.  I like the idea of complete, freedom, myself, but I cannot
expect that I have the right to hurt others in my quest for complete freedom.

Thanks for listening,

Connie Page

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