GovAccess: Business approval of escrow [cr-951228]


Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995
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Subject: GovAccess.332.snoop: spy spys; cozy corps; PGP stuff; SAIC rev


Corporations [Again] Selling Out Public Interest in Cozy Deal with Govt Snoops

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995
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Financial Times, December 21, 1995, p. 4.

Encryption rules to be prepared
By Andrew Jack in Paris

Representatives of international business and government yesterday agreed
to draw up guidelines on encryption, a system which allows computer users
to transmit information electronically with little risk that it can be
intercepted and understood by unauthorised "hackers". The meeting, which
was held at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, could lead to
formal propositions prepared jointly by business and government
organisations that could be ready by as soon as next summer...

[Governments] have demanded that they should be able to "hack" into
computer transmissions for counter-intelligence and criminal investigation
work, in the same way that they can conduct telephone-tapping exercises. An
important conclusion of yesterday's Paris meeting was that business agreed
in principle to allow such hacking to take place as long as sufficient
safeguards were in place and "electronic search warrants" had been issued
with proper judicial approval. A number of governments appear willing to
permit relaxation of export controls on sophisticated encryption devices as
long as these safeguards are in place.