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Richard Moore

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995
Sender: Don Bass <•••@••.•••>
Subject: US West ISDN tariffs - sign-on letter (fwd)

        Costs for access, the first Cyber-right, escalate hugely. Are we
in Poland yet.

        Act, or pay.

Don Bass

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Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995
From: James Love <•••@••.•••>
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Subject: US West ISDN tariffs - sign-on letter

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ISDN tariffs
December 27, 1995

To:       persons interested in ISDN pricing
From:     James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology
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Date:     December 27, 1995

The following is a sign-on letter to the Washington State
Utilities And Transportation Commission to protest US West's
proposed $184 per month residential ISDN tariff.  An identical
copy of the letter will be sent to other US West states where
this tariff has been filed (such as Utah or New Mexico).  It is
important to get this turned around fast, since a couple of
potential intervenors won't do anything without others joining
the fray.  Jamie

To sign the letter, send the following information to

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Email: _________________________

Note:     Additional information on the US West tariffs is found
          on Dan Kegel's ISDN Page, at

          Some additional information on ISDN pricing is found at

the letter follows

Washington Utilities And Transportation Commission
Chandler Plaza Building
P. O. Box 47250
Olympia, Washington 98504
Fax: (360) 586-1150

Dear Commissioners:

We are writing to register our objections to the recent US WEST
request to increase the Washington State flat rate residential
ISDN tariff from $63 per month to $184 per month.  We believe the
old residential ISDN tariff was too high, and the proposed $184
tariff is an outrageous abuse of US WEST's monopoly power.

ISDN is a mature technology, that could be widely deployed over
today's copper wire infrastructure, to give the public faster
connections to the Internet.  Most telecommunications experts
believe that ISDN is the most cost effective way to give the
public enough additional bandwidth to allow the Internet to
deliver a new generation of innovative information services.
Most of the cost of residential ISDN service is the maintenance
of the exiting public switched telephone network.  Various
independent studies of residential ISDN service suggest that the
incremental cost of providing residential ISDN service is less
than $10 per month, over and above the cost of providing POTS

If residential ISDN tariffs are priced closer to company costs,
the broader deployment of the service is expected to provide the
greater economies of scale necessary to radically lower the costs
of the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), as we have seen for
modems and other computer components.

Residential ISDN is an important "open platform" which can
provide an alternative to closed or proprietary networks being
developed by US West and other telephone and cable companies.  It
is the responsibility of the Washington Utilities And
Transportation Commission to protect residential consumers in
Washington State from excessive tariffs for this important


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