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I agree!  Organize and get involved.  I just signed up with the NFIB
and they seem to be aware of the problems posed by this legislation,
and will be sending out surveys to members, and forwarding our
concerns as small business owners to the appropriate congress
critters (VON, CDA, Telco reform, etc.)

For all you small ISP's, Websites, consultants, etc.  this is a great
way to maximize your effect per dollar spent.  the NFIB has a very
good track record on keeping the pulse of the small business
community, and promoting its members' concerns to Washington, that
they are rated as 'one of the top 10 most effective lobbying/interest
groups', according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Capitol
Hill staffers..

NFIB's phone number :  (615)872-5800.

Heads up, and Tally Ho!
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