Flags of the Cyberspace [cr-95/11/14]


Sender: "Mario Profaca, Freelancer; Zagreb, Croatia" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Croatian flag in Cyberspace

Surfing all over Cyberspace I found many web sites were offering clickable
flags of countries of the world. I used to click the Croatian one offered
and so many times I was disappointed when a late communist flag of Socialist
Republic of Croatia showed up on my PC monitor. I took one of my graphic
editors and made myself the actual Croatian flag in gif format and sent it
to some of those Web sites. But, I was wondering how come that they had
that old flag even five years after Croatia proclaimed independence and
exchanged the flag, internationally recognised. One of webmasters I
talked to told me he download it at NATO's Alpha CCIS page Flags of the
World. I failed to believe that and went there to check it myself.

Connected to Alpha CCIS URL http://cliffie.nosc.mil:80/~NATLAS/flags
I was welcomed with this:

"This Computer System and all related equipment are to be used for the
communication, transmission, processing, and storage of official North
Atlantic Treaty Organisation or other authorised information only.  All
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation computer systems are subject to
 monitoring  at all times.  If monitoring of any North Atlantic Treaty
Organisation Computer System reveals possible violation of applicable
laws, all relevant information may be provided to law enforcement

"After reading and understanding the foregoing statement, you may continue
or exit from this server."

Believe or not - I continued. Anyway,  I thought, if that computer system
provides me an express consent to monitoring at all times as it reads,  why
don't take advantage of it and monitor it myself too.
I went on and monitored Flags of the World page searching  for the flag of
Croatia. And there it was (and still is):
at URL http://cliffie.nosc.mil:80/~NATLAS/flags/C/Croatia.gif  there is
that old communist flag of late Socialist Republic of Croatia (remember
that big red star on it?) instead of the actual flag of Republic of
Croatia we have for more than five years.

I released that computer system in question was so busy monitoring it's
visitors that it had no time for monitoring  and updating it's  contents.

Well, in the mood for the "nobody's perfect" happy ending  as in  an
old American  movie ("Somebody likes it hot") I remembered , I went  further
on and  wrote a comment to the webmaster <goossens@cliffie>. I took
advantage of feedback utility  provided on that hypertext server. I was
so happy when it automatically generated the answer thanking me for
that message of mine they automatically displayed too.

In short, I did it three times so far. I wrote them that they could
(I didn't write they should) download the actual Croatian flag at my Web
site (Mario's Cyberspace Station):
URL http://jagor.srce.hr/~mprofaca/mcstation.html  or just jumping on
URL http://jagor.srce.hr/~mprofaca/croflag.gif  to spare some time. Naive
as I might sound I thought they were going to exchange the flag  of
Croatia on their Web site as quick as possible.

For several days so far I'm monitoring that computer system and it's
monitoring me monitoring it, but the  late communist flag is still there.

Please, if anybody is monitoring me here too, do something to  exchange
the flag of Croatia at your Web sites here and there in the Cyberspace if
you still have that communist one.

You see, we, the Croats, we love our flag at least as much as you love
your one.

For all those not familiar with computers and networking, a group of
Croatian alpinists recently sticked the Croatian flag on to the top of
Himalayas too.

Mario Profaca
Freelance Journalist
Zagreb, Croatia

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