Escrow-chment on our Freedom [cr-95/10/11]


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In the latest move in our government's on-going effort  to oulaw strong
encryption technology, FBI director, Louis Freeh, has hinted broadly that if
the general public does not 'voluntarily' accept some sort of public-key
encryption, then the FBI might be forced to pursue 'other options'.

In plain english, the FBI would force an encryption plan upon us that the
government would have access to.  This is a typical response to any
disagreement between the public and the government.  They disguise their
true intentions by covering them with the blanket of "public safety".  When
we don't buy the swampland they are selling, they threaten us with 'other
alternatives' that would make a dictator blush.  That is not
democracy nor is it the will of the people.  Their strong-arm tactics
blaspheme the very Constitution they 'swore to uphold'.

But then again, we don't elect the FBI Fraternity.  They are there for as
long as they uphold the solidarity of their FBI brotherhood and forsake any
obstacles which come between them and their FBI objectives.  Any Obstacles.
Trivialities such as  Rights, Liberty, Privacy, and the US Constitution are
sometimes perceived by our FBI as Obstacles.

This is a dangerous option for the government to pursue.  They have no right
to intrude here.   Legal or not, it is a violation of the very contract our
founding fathers made with the PEOPLE over 200 years ago.  Just because
they want the ability to invade our privacy doesn't mean that we should let

The Bureau's position on key-escrow encryption defies logical analysis.
Anyone w/ an I.Q. higher than the temperature knows that neither terrorists,
nor pedophiles, nor revolutionaries, nor Mafia will use key-escrow
encryption, since the government holds the back-door to such encrypted
communications.  This is almost too obvious to mention.  However, in several
press conferences, Mr. Freeh has responded w/ inanities such as, "You just
don't understand the criminal element. They're not very smart."

The FBI is quite aware that none of the aforementioned groups will ever use
government encryption.  Key-escrow encryption is/was/always will be about
Domestic Surveillance, a nasty virus these guys all caught from the
Hoover's FBI.

What's Domestic Surveillance?  It means that we won't have any privacy anymore.
But not to worry.  We'll be safe.  The FBI will protect us.  But in
reality,  the FBI
will protect itself.  They'll protect their positions of power and influence.
What better way to obtain more power and influence than to hold the keys to
all communications, public and private?


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