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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995
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>From: "David H. Rothman" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Andy Oram, Cyber Rights co-moderator, is leaving hospital

Andy Oram (•••@••.•••), a veteran net.activist  hit by a car after he
stepped off a bus earlier this month, expects to leave Massachusetts General
Hospital today.

He's fairly alert despite some grueling surgery, has been reading the Boston
Globe, knows about the Telecom Act horrors, and will welcome phone calls.
Given what the bozos in D.C. did to us, *everyone* on the Net deserves a
little sympathy.

The driver was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. Andy sounded
pretty forgiving toward her, considering what happened. Four rods now stick
out of his right wrist--yes, he's right-handed--and it'll be many, many
months before he can type again. He has seven pins in his left leg and is
getting around with a walker.

Luckily Andy's enjoying great treatment from the insurance people and from
O'Reilly & Associates, where he's an editor. ORA has him on full salary for
a month--insurance will help take it from there.

But he misses his duties as co-moderator of Cyber Rights and would love to
*hear* from us.

People from CyberRights, Communet, TPR-NE, and Andy's other hangouts can
phone him at 617-641-1261--calls will be more appropriate than email, given
his condition. Or folks can send letters or get-well gifts to 38 High Haith
Road, Arlington, Massachusetts 02174.  He'd especially appreciate books on
hardware, particularly telecom-related; Jewish matters; and histories.

Andy's New Year's Resolution is to do his PT exercises--the key to regaining
and keeping full movement in his wrists. He's a pianist, too, not just a
creature of the computer keyboard, so the accident has been a double blow.
Andy is looking forward to using Dragon dictation software.

NOTE: I tracked down Andy at Mass General and asked what would do the most
good--it isn't as if he's begging. Also please be aware that I checked with
him before putting his snail address and phone number here on the Net.

David Rothman | •••@••.•••

P.S. Apologies ahead of time to Richard and other Cyber Rights folks for
repeating some already known stuff.

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