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        Cyberspace Society Discussion List.

        Cyber-Soc is a global discussion list for the Cyberspace Society.
        This is a membership society.  One joins the CS to be on the list.

        The CS was established to sustain the democratic mission and the
        universal right of the people to govern their own affairs, which
        are now being overrun by multinational corporations and leadership
        groups with whom the global people no longer closely identify.

        A draft vision statement for planning a desirable future by citizens,
        is designed to offer a framework for the Cyberspace Society based on:
        A) the Cyberspace Ethic; and B) the Cyberspace Social Contract.

        To learn more about the Cyberspace Society and subscribe to

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        Your subscription will not be automatic.  Upon receipt of your
request we will email full information about the Cyberspace Society and
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