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One of my favourite (for personal, political and business reasons)
newsgroups is now embroiled in a real bruhaha(sp). I'll spare you the
gory details, but suffice it to say it is UK.Politics and in part the
controversy stems from proceedures in the UK hierarchy that allows
anyone to vote on any matter in any newsgroup. UK.p is one of the most
active ngs in the uk hierarchy with as many as 500-600 or more posts per
day at times.

The vote in question was one to rename (ie form a new newsgroup with
virtually the same name - uk.politics becomes uk.politics.misc - create
a half dozen subgroups under uk.p.m and then do away with uk.p

To opponents of the measure (to rename) that is akin to destroying uk.p
for various reasons not worth going into. We have no opposition, or
little anyway to the formation of the subgroups.

Let's not debate whether it is really a destruction of uk.p or just a
renaming. in either event it is negative towards uk.p

Question - Should absolutely everyone on the Net have the absolute right
to vote in any newsgroup whether they're active in the group or not on
absolutely any subject?

My thinking is No they shouldn't.

I believe they should at best be allowed to vote for creation of groups
and subgroups or any other "positive" action but not on something that
could have negative results to the group.

My analogy would be my flying over to France next time there's a general
or any other election there and voting in that election even though I
don't live there and have never yet even visited the place.

Part of my reasoning is that there is no guarantee that the so called
lurkers actually even lurk in the group. There is no guarantee some are
not just newbies looking for something to do, vote junkies looking for
something to vote on, pranksters up to no good etc.

Any and all comments welcome.

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