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        Local Information Infrastructure (LII)

Description: Local Information Infrastructure (LII) is
intended to encourage creative thinking to counter the
Clinton/Gore Administration "hype" about National
Information Infrastructure.  It seeks to provide a critical
look at federal grant programs - especially the NII grants
of NTIA.  It would like to ask people in the grant
communities to report on whom they see benefiting.  It
encourages reporting success stories as well as horror
stories for it would very much like to identify conditions
that imply success.

What then does it consider success?  Certainly not the top
down imposition of a new program controlled by the corporate
"benefactor" behind the grant.  We believe that national is
a misnomer when applied to information infrastructure.
Internet technologies especially can and should be sown and
nurtured bottom up from the grass roots of each community.
These projects should involve engines of economic
development - under community ownership and control, not
that of the corporate sponsor.  We would hope that all such
projects would start with wide spread community development
from the very beginning.  If they do not, we'd like to ask

We want to see grant money empower the community and not be
used to hook it on a new technology so that the corporate
sponsor has the opportunity to extract as much wealth as
possible for its bottom line and stock holders in far away
states or nations.  Do it right and call it local
information infrastructure (LII).  Hook enough LII's
together and the local will become national - from the
bottom up.  Lets talk about the good, the bad and the ugly
and send the technocrats a message about what works and what
doesn't and why.

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