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I suspect that Michael Strangelove is confusing virtual with
corporeal reality, as if in an effort to give a spurious formal
structure to John Howard Barlow's powerful but rhetorical metaphor.

One can speak meaningfully of a conflict of interest or of
jurisdiction between nation-states and multinational corporations
because both are capable of claiming immense power over the lives of
people whom they govern and/or employ.

Cyberspace, however, is only a means of communication through which
such forces can operate. In itself, it has no direct power for good
or evil, unless one is convinced that, like Scientology, it exerts
some sort of hypnotic influence. It cannot levy taxes; it cannot
raise an army; it cannot prosecute in its own courts; it cannot hire
and fire. In fact, it has none of the trappings of a global force
which have been manifested by, say, the Vatican or the Communist

John Whiting
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