cr> Ratings on the Internet


An organization called the MIT Student Association for Freedom of
Expression (SAFE) has a nice listing of sites that discuss the
relationship between ratings and censorship:

If you don't have time to read everything it points to, I suggest you
at least look at:

Email me for an update on the mail-bombing of the Basque nationalist
Web site.

As providers routinely do, America Online recently tried to throw off
of its service a company that was sending unsolicited email to
thousands of people (spamming).  But the company struck back with a
lawsuit and an unusual claim that it was not spamming.  Email me for
the article.

Also email me for some articles about encryption, including an
accusation by EPIC that the Clinton administration has been planning
all along to make key escrow (Clipper) mandatory.

Thanks to Richard Moore for several of these notices.


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