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Wednesday, April 24, 1996


Contact:  Marc Rotenberg, EPIC, 202/544-9240
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                        Golden Key Campaign Launched

           Groups Urge Good Technology for Privacy and Security

                  Senator Burns to Introduce Legislation


WASHINGTON, DC -- A new coalition today urged support for strong
technologies to protect privacy and security on the rapidly growing
Internet. The Internet Privacy Coalition said that new technologies
were critical to protect private communications and on-line commerce,
and recommended relaxation of export controls that limit the ability
of US firms to incorporate encryption in commercial products.

Phil Zimmermann, author of the popular encryption program Pretty Good
Privacy, expressed support for the effort of the new coalition. "It is
time to change crypto policy in the United States. I urge those who
favor good tools for privacy to back the efforts of the Internet
Privacy Coalition."


The Coalition has asked companies and Internet users to display a
golden key and envelope to show support for strong encryption
technology. Copies of the logo are available at the group's web page
on the Internet.

According to Lori Fena, director of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation, the purpose of the campaign is to educate the public about
new techniques for privacy protection. "Society's feelings about
privacy have not changed, only the medium has," said Ms. Fena.

US industry has pressed the US government to relax export controls on
encryption as consumer demand for software products has increased.
They cite the fact that foreign companies have been able to sell
strong products in overseas markets that are now restricted for US

Jim Bidzos, President and CEO of RSA Data Security, said that US firms
continue to face excessive burdens. "Encryption is the key to on-line
commerce.  Government regulations are simply keeping US firms out of
important markets."

The Internet Privacy Coalition is the first net-based attempt to bring
together a broad base of companies, cryptographers and public interest
organizations around the central goal of promoting privacy and
security on the Internet and urging relaxation of export controls.

Dr. Barbara Simons, chair of the public policy committee of the
Association for Computing said, "The broad support for the Golden Key
campaign shows that the reform of encryption policy is a shared goal
for companies, users, and professional associations."


The Internet Privacy Coalition is being established as Congress
considers new legislation to relax export controls on encryption.
Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) today introduced legislation that would
relax export controls on commercial products containing technologies
for privacy such as encryption.

Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center,
said "We believe that Senator Burns has put forward a constructive
proposal. We look forward to working with him to ensure that good
tools for privacy and security are widely available to Internet

Hearings on Senator Burns bill are expected to take place in early
June. The proposal has already gathered support from a bipartisan
coalition in Congress.

For Internet users who are interested in following the debate about
encryption policy, the IPC has set up a Web page with information
about encryption regulations, court challenges, legislative
developments, and organizations and companies involved in the

The Internet Privacy Coalition was established by more than a dozen of
the nation's leading cryptographers, and thirty associations,
companies, and civil liberties organizations committed to strong
privacy and security technology for all users of the Internet.



A KEY, AN ENVELOPE -- Both are historic means for communicating
privately and protecting personal information.  Today, encryption
tools provide this privacy in the electronic world.

The Golden Key Campaign is being launched to raise awareness and
support for the preservation of the right to communicate privately and
the availability of new techniques which make it possible.

Privacy, a fundamental human right, has been affirmed by the US
Supreme Court, the constitutions and laws of many countries, and the
United Nations  Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Privacy must
be preserved as we move from paper to electronic communications.

The Internet Privacy Coalition is urging members of the net community
to display a Golden Key & Envelope symbol on their Web pages to show
support for the right of privacy and the freedom to use good tools of
privacy without government restraints.

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